Social Responsibility
Lands of opportunities!
August 30, 2016

Globally, unemployment rate is taken as one major indicator of socioeconomic growth. With increasing global population and major part of population comprising youth, ILO’s report highlights where one can find work more easily. To the surprise of many, not only Pakistan but all SAARC Member states except Sri Lanka are in much better position, as far as employment opportunities are concerned. Lately, I have seen a number of professional friends […]

Health & Safety

How would you react if some hard forensic investigation in a totally non-related event reveals you are a murderer? Hopefully, it will shake the ground under your feet? But the fact that you had committed that murder during a celebration fervor may surprise you further. As per Wikipedia, regions highlighted in the following picture have common trend of celebratory gunfire. Pakistan faces ┬áthis menace┬áto the public security on number of […]