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Certified Food Factory Designer – CFFD

Factory Design is key to quality and safety compliance.

Factory Design is one the very important and crucial matter for food business operators. It keeps evolving with business needs and strict compliance guidelines.

This course sets the baseline for the professionals and food business operators to make decisions during design, redesign and expansion of the food facilities.

It covers the following:

  • Hygienic factory design fundamentals
  • Site & layout plan
  • Premise planning
  • Building materials and fabric
  • Utilities/services
  • Process specification & equipments
  • Traffic flow and management
  • Occupational safety planning
  • Environmental compliance
  • Engineering economics

Duration of course is 4 months and is a one to one course.

Instructor will individually focus on you and enhance your skills in the subject area.

Feel free to register or whatsapp 00923219210247 for queries.

Course fee is PKR 45,000/-.