We dream and then work on a number of projects

All projects associated with GURUMUG and/or Muhammad Usman Ghani are listed here. These are extensions of our business, social abd learning models and aim to add value to communities we serve. 

Institute of Pest Management – IPM was created with aim of extending the pest management science based education. Its aim include trainings, seminars and publications in this field.

Pakistan Institute of Food Engineering, Science & Technology – PIFEST is aimed to be Pakistani alternate of IFT USA. 

In bigger context we want it to be public private sector joint institute working for a safe and secure food sector in Pakistan.

Pakistan Rice Initiative – PRI was developed after we worked with Rice industry in Pakistan during 2019-2021. Aim is to create a central space for rice industry including trainings, seminars and publications.

This is professional profile site of man behind GURUMUG – Muhammad Usman Ghani.


This is website about noted Urdu Writer, Poet, Critic and Linguist – Muhammad Rafiq Naqsh – who new more than 8 languages of Pakistan and region around. This site is aimed at covering his work and his legacy.

This as old blog of Muhammad Usman Ghani which we aim to convert in a literary organization covering writings of the men and women of letter around the world.